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Adam Wilson

gseher wrote:How about using step skips to adjust your drum track to 8 steps of length and then set the page length to 24? Wouldn’t that work?[/quote]

That wouldn’t really work with the new page switch mode that I proposed yesterday. ;) Because while in reality the drum track is only 8 steps long, the new page switch mode would keep me waiting for up to 24 steps, only because the page repeat property was sneaked into the page length property.

I understand the fun that could be had with this feature, and I understand the need for UI space to get stuff like this implemented. The only thing I want to get across is that we pay the price of uniform flexibility this way. Some day someone will report this behavior as a bug, I think.

But hey, it’s just one guy complaining, and probably many more of you who want it! I also vaguely remember that you run the (software) shop, Gabriel. ;)