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B Johansson

Here’s one thing you can try if you have problem sending the ".elf" file:

Hyper Terminal:
In the Transfer drop-menu choose "Send file". Choose the .elf file you want to uplod to Octopus.

In the "Protocol"-box make sure it says "Ymodem"´not "Zmodem" or "Zmodem xxxxx". The first attempt to upload the .elf file I had "Zmodem xxxxx" in the box and it did not work. The second time I read the manual again and I found out that one of the screendumps said "Ymodem"….
I changed to Ymodem in Hyper Termianl and voilá!
It helped me to bring back my dead Octopus to life.

I’m not sure about the differences between all modem protocols and imho I don’t care (I’m not a techie)… Choosing the "Ymodem" worked for me and I’m happy :-)

Hope this will help someone else!


Edit 1: I’m on Windows Xp Pro Sp 3

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