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OK I will reply to my own thread!!!

I have loved using the Octopus without a keyboard…. I love the immediacy…

Someone else posted a thread recently about the visual layout of harmony…

To push more for using the Octopus as a live compositional tool I think it would be cool to have the default page note layout set (or user settable) then be able to transpose from the default page pitches or force to scale, FLT it etc…

Or have a way to enter steps in real time by using the pitch circle to enter notes in… even chords… (could be two handed involving holding the step button, and the held pitch notes would enter into the appropriate time slot)

So in real time instead of one pitch and hitting the step button to enter in note times.. you can hit any of the pitch circle notes and enter in note and time information, and even chords!

Sorry if others have already asked for this or if It can already be done….