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Adam Wilson

My guess is that adding general Undo functionality will be a lot of work, unless it’s as easy as quickly making a copy of the pages involved before the edit action takes place. That will probably take too much time and memory. So you want to intelligently save the the state of the objects/attributes involved and be able to recover equally intelligent. That’s why I think that IF a general Undo will make it into the Octo, it will be implemented gradually, one edit action at a time.

Anyway, the record undo function could be the first of the general undo functions indeed. And it would be preferred to find a Undo button (combo) that both is more intuitive than ‘Play’ and reflects the more general nature of the future Undo mechanism.

Call me a sissy, but I would have really liked to be able to undo that RMX accident, especially in a live situation. Yes, guitarist don’t have an undo, nor do drummers. But they also don’t have this persistance nature of notes in a page. ;)

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