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Adam Wilson

gseher wrote:

The channel match requirement is still in place.

Ouch. ;)

Gee, how do you guys cope with a setup with several pieces of gear. For example, a drum machine on channel 15. Do all of you have a master keyboard and actually change channel on the keyboard before you can access the drum machine via the Octo? That sounds like work! ;)

I actually like what you are suggesting indeed. The channel can automatically fit the channel of the incoming MIIDI data.

I was actually thinking the other way around, as found on DAWs: when selecting a midi track for record in Live or Logic, the DAW will accept incoming MIDI data from whatever channel, and ‘re-channel’ the data to the channel number assigned to the DAW’s selected track. (In reality, the DAW may even remember the original MIDI channel number, and when the track’s channel is set to All’ it will output on that original channel number.)

So when I select an Octo track for record, and the Octo track is set to channel #5, and it records MIDI data emitted by a keyboard over MIDI channel #3, the data will end up on the track having MIDI channel #5, as defined for that track.

However, it may require a bit more discipline on the user end as well. Let’s say you want to overdub a track and you send it data cross the worng channel you will mistakingly change its MIDI channel.

Yes, that’s why I think my suggestion (have the incoming data changed to the Octo setting) is the preferred one. Don’t you agree?

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