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Carlos Dalla-Fiore
I dunno what other people think but it might also be nice to have a tweaked parameter’s value bar show up whilst tweaking in GRID mode (without holding the MAP button as above), with a 2 second pause before reverting back to grid afterwards for example.

Initially i liked the idea, but what happens if i’m mangling beats by switching pages with my right hand and tweaking the cutoff(CC mix) for a bassline with the left hand simultaneously?

I’d like to see the CC mixes working in grid-track(live) mode. I currently can’t mute and tweak from there, forcing me to switch back and forth to grid mode.

While on the subject, i’d like to suggest disabling the double click to enter a page once in grid-track-live mode, for the same reason as below..

It’s been mentioned in a few threads before, but currently double clicking a page in grid-live mode throws things out of sync. I know Gabriel has been working on this, but now am starting to wonder if grid-live mode shouldn’t allow for entering pages as the chances are we will be rapidly hitting buttons here and can accidentally enter pages. Someone already mentioned this elsewhere i believe.

its 6 a.m and i’m losing track of logic so forgive me if im repeating, but in grid-track-live mode hitting 2-3(not 4!) buttons in 1 bank and 1 button in a a bank directly above or under it results in the all the buttons(2-3) in the second bank to also toggle.

..and it would also be really, really nice if at some point the bank mutes could also be simultaneously toggled with track mutes in grid-track live mode. Currently they sometimes fail.

time for some sleep.

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