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Roderick van Erp

By my knowledge you do the following :
– Push Page button

– Edit should be green…no blinking

– Press Rec button..should blink orange now

– Holding a step on the matrix, and playing a key on your keyboard will
assign the note data (including velocity) to the selected step.

– To record more than just one step in a take, simply keep playing on
your keyboard and you should see the played notes fill in one after

Explaining edit modes :
– Green : The step buttons toggle the step states

– Orange blinking : Edit state, MIDI data of the
steps is played out of the MIDI port as it is, grab a step to tweak its attributes

– Green Blinking : Edit Perform State, EDIT PERFORM is actually similar to the EDIT state, with the exception that no MIDI data is transmitted when you operate on the matrix. This is particularly interesting for the Berlin School type of performances.