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Gabriel Seher

Hello Julian,
thanks for the feedback and the questions. Please find my thoughts below.

jngpng wrote:

– It’s really annoying how grabbing a step in standard Page view deactivates it until you tweak the value there. It can break the flow of a sequence if you are composing on the fly. It would seem to me to be much more logical if the step did not deactivate immediately when you grabbed it (i.e. when you press the button), but instead deactivated when you release the step button. So, the behaviour would be that if you press a step button and release it without adjusting any values, it is toggled on release. If you pressed the step and and then adjusted values, its toggle state would not be changed at all.

This has to do with the fact that in page mode we want the steps to toggle as soon as you press the button, not release the button. What you suggest would of course solve the issue above, but in my opinion feels unnatural in the general use case where you simply toggle steps.
However, I’d be interested to hear what others think about it. I will cross post the question in the Octopus forum as well, where a related discussion on page edit modes is going on – thanks for bringing it up. The link to the discussion is here:

– I don’t really understand why there are three different Page modes (standard, edit, and edit perform). As far as I can tell, the only difference between ‘edit perform’ and standard Page view is the fact that you can’t toggle notes on and off. Is this correct? I can definitely see the point of being able to preview steps audibly (edit mode) and I guess I can see the utility of stopping yourself from accidentally toggling a step. What I don’t understand is why this has to be accomplished by two extra (confusing in my opinion) modes rather than simple toggle switches controlling whether steps are toggled and/or previewed when pressing them. There’s also the issue that being in ‘edit’ or ‘edit perform’ mode prevents you from accessing step or track mode without first switching back to standard page mode.

You bring up an excellent point that was made in parallel in the Octopus discussion I mention above. Please take a look there and feel free to contribute as you see fit. I looks like we have a solution draft, and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it.

– It would be really useful to have more visual feedback when tweaking a particular step in Page mode. Currently, no information is shown whilst tweaking a step in standard Page mode – whilst PIT information is shown in ‘edit’ and ‘edit perform’ mode. Ideally, i’d like to see values for PIT, VEL, LEN and STA displayed in their appropriate rows whilst tweaking in all of these modes. To keep the current distinction between standard and the ‘edit’ modes, maybe it would be good to show offsets in the standard mode and absolute values for the parameters in the ‘edit’ modes?

I will try this out and see how it feels. Also, I’d love to hear if anyone else have thoughts about this as well.

Obviously, I’m new – so if any of these complaints are based on misunderstandings please do put me right! It’d be great to hear your thoughts on these issues (especially you Gabriel! ;)).

Again, thanks for bringing it up.
My personal feeling is that Page mode should be divided in a cleaner way between the standard (toggle) mode and the Edit mode – which needs some reduction to be more friendly, but in general it provides a good level of distinction between the respective use cases. However, I am attracted to the solution you propose in 1 though, which would probably allow the combination of both modes into a single one..


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