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Adam Wilson

gseher wrote:

The cost here is one variation of the multi-trigger mode, namely at the place where you specify whether one or all note-offs are sent for a multi-triggered step. I wonder what your thoughts are on this.

Do you mean the choice of Off, Orange and Red as described in the Step repeats section, page 80?

If that’s the one, I guess you opted to sacrifice the Red option? I don’t see how it differs from the Off setting, but if it only has an experimental value, I guess the random-from-pool feature has a higher interest.

That would also mean you only have a single bit available for this option, no way to ever increase the polyphony to more than one voice. Of course I’d be *very* happy with this feature for monophonic notes, I also think the chord variations that would be produced with the higher polyohony settings will be very interesting.

Is it UI space you’re looking for, or data space, Gabriel?