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I suddenly realise what this feature can do from drum tracks. For instance, have slightly different hihat sounds randomly triggered, or different snare sounds. Very cool…

It is cool. I played with the beta today and I did exactly the above thing. But it is even cooler, because with sound sources like a drum kit with a limited range (such as my 808 and my DRM-1) you even have a built-in step probability: You just add notes to the chord pool and octave switch them out of the range of the reciever.
This is suuuper cool.

However, this additional feature does not work for instruments with a normal (wide) range.
BUT: How about this: In the beta version every chord note can have one of three colours representing the three different octaves (you cycle through them). What about adding a muted state (a blinking LED) to the chord notes. Thus a muted chord note will not play at all, but it will still be in the chord pool. Result: By adding muted notes to a step chord in "random pool" mode, you will have created a variable probability effect! One note in the pool and two muted notes will be 33% chance that the one note will play etc.
Voila! What do you say?