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Adam Wilson

Without Octo it’s a bit hard to imagine how the note assignment within that grid would work. But if I get this right, you are free to assign whatever note to whatever page or track, right? That is, muscially related page/track trigger notes can be placed right next to each other on the keyboard, right? If that’s the case, this sure sounds like fun!

Regarding track trigger style, there’s lots of options:

1. A track always loops when triggered, until it gets triggered again with a velocity of zero. So several triggers with non-zero velo stutters the track. A note with zero velocity stops the track.

2. We could use several ‘hot’ velocity values: 0 for stop. 1 for one-shot, 2-9 for the corresponding amounts of loops, anything higher than 9 for permanent loops.

3. We could use even more hot velocity values to encode track playback speed. Certain ranges for slomo factors, other ranges for hi-speed factors. The default velo value (64?) must be placed in the range for normal playback speed.