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B Johansson

ripe wrote:

I’ll chime in here… I just got done using the new OS for a bit and I agree that the EDIT modes need some reworking, having three states to move through is too much "thinking".

Having a modifier button to use when entering "berlin" EDIT mode would seem to work better, that way the mode doesn’t interfere with the workflow we have grown accustom to.


Hello GenoQsians.

I don’t have any "thinking" issues with the three "modes/states" – a steady green LED, a blinking yellow LED and a blinking green LED ("Berlin")… I’m already used to it!

It is perhaps a question of how one use the Octo (Live/Studio)? I’m in my studio all the time… However I like the suggestion for a "modifier button" if that will make everybody happy!

No flames No offends – just a thought.

From the grim North