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    Is there a reason why I only can zoom into pages when I’m editing?

    Though being new with this machine I find mysef trying to doubleclick pages in the grid just to look (and maybe mute/unmute – which IMHO is not an editing function anyway) before I actually play it.
    For the ease of operation during a live set I am not in edit mode. So two things are happening in the heat of the fun:
    I am in play mode and doubleclick the page that’s playing and of course it stops in the moment I look at it.
    If I remember and I switch on edit mode I’m fine so far.
    I am in edit mode and want to recall a page and miss the cue because I am used to one handed cuing my pages.

    One example:
    If I have 2pages playing parallel one with drums, one with synth:
    If in play mode Ive been recalling the drum page last, ESC brings me always to the drum page – how can I acess my synth? (with one hand).
    I’d really like to access it with a doubleclick.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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