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    I often "nudge’ the beat up 1 BPM or down for "feel" … DJ’s do it all the time… "good" practice for sequencer musicians also I suppose…

    In another post , Zinoff’s stated having to reset his sequence back onto the tempo every six bars when setting tempo to external musicians.

    So this made me think… maybe the resolution of BPM is not a fine enough time resolution… maybe in the future the Octopus could have a higher time resolution? Maybe an ability to focus in on a time range and make a micro adjustment.

    Just wanting to push the limits for future thought…



    That would be possible I suppose, but if your needs are (as I understand) to sync up with live musicians, then I think you should just use a master clock unit of some sort that has all the features you need.

    In my setup (studio) the Octo is always synced to Ableton, and I actually often use the tap tempo there when I go from the initial idea to laying down the tracks in Octopus or Ableton. If you already have a laptop, it could take care of your needs right now, without any further hardware investment. (Plus you could be recording the whole performance or whatever on it.)


    Oh yes true… Live’s tempo can tap and be set to a fine resolution.

    My thinking in this post was to move away from my "practical" working needs and into a plain discussion… Just trying to liven up the board a little.

    I really think this ability to sync up / offer a "improvised" musical experience is very important… Live is great at it and I would attribute that as a major factor in it’s success…. ie.. rather than a predefined playback of events (prerecorded audio) you could instead play "clips" back when you felt the time was right… that was huge…

    So to push the boundaries: If a sequencer could somehow work with a "human" level of timing… then one could use a sequencer (octopus) to play along with a string quartet or orchestra for instance… that would really be pushing the boundaries I would think (computers seem to do this now?)…

    [Also – I’m Danish as well and grew up in Solvang, Ca, USA… Hej!

    Much of my electronic music experience comes from my 90’s living in DK… so much cool stuff over there…]



    The nudge is quite handy to realign, more than once I have thought of bringing the MachineDrum to gigs just for that reason (tap tempo + nudge), but I have a Mk1 and it would make my setup a bit too bulky to carry on the moped.

    The other problem is when you have synths with tempo synchronized effects, usually with delays you get those nauseating wobbly pitches.

    I always wanted to try those "dj" thingys like the soundbyte micro, has anyone tried it? Does that stuff actually work or does it expect a 4 on the floor (ok, I’m showing my age here :blush: )

    Continuosly tapping while playing is not fun, but it does keep your sequencer in sync, you could pay somebody to do that…

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