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    Hi guys!
    We talk about different ways of using the Octopus, but how about sharing how it sounds when we use it?

    I throw in the first one. It has two layers of Jupiter 8 playing the harmonic movement. All the high speed movement of these tracks is actually not Octo, but just me playing with JP8 arp while Octo feeds the notes. (Actually it could be interesting to look into getting that effect internally. Something like the step repeat we were talking about.)
    Then there is a simple bass (Voyager) and some drums (808 and DRM-1 mk3) and obviously: theremin.


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    This a short loop I made (sequenced on the Octopus). It is really a demo to show the sound of the Virus TI I just purchased, so not a completed song.



    I put up a profile with all the drone and groan robot blues stuff once the triplet time got going and the machines were good and drunk. All machines get fed pieces of Octopus junk along with control voltage sliding and squealing.
    There was some cleanup at the very end since a lot of these were jams that went on for a bit.
    It was fun to makes something other than the standard techno and electro stuff I usually enjoy wrestling around with. No guitars played..just some good ol’ overdrive and distortion on all the synths and drum boxes getting triggered.


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    Absolutely brilliant Paul!:laugh:

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