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    would it be possible to have an option to swap the speed control so that single click slows and double speeds up?
    I rarely want to double or quadruple speed.. and its a cool effect to slow a track to say 1/3 and then back to normal. But its real cumbersome having to double click…



    It is technically a no-biggie to swap them. The current implementation is based on consistency considerations – in other parts of the UI you use the sigle click to command low values and double click to enter high value (as tens, etc.).

    Otoh this is a theoretical approach, and practical experience may be different. So I am very open to hear what other users think about this proposal.

    Cheers, Gabriel



    I’d like to see a hold-and-click option, most other actions have an alternate way of doing things and I’m not comfortable with double-clicking as a reliable action in live situations. Could holding MUT change all track speeds to decreases?



    I second the above posts. Basically, when you double-click, the Nemo interprets that you’ve single-clicked until you click the second time. There’s a short lapse of time in whick the track runs at a higher speed. This is not disastrous, but not desirable imo.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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