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    step events are still a bit foggy for me:

    I just realized that when a pitch map is in middle position for a step , this step is not influenced by pitch-step-events, right?

    also I realised that sometimes a step event is missed and a track is reapeated before transposed by step event… a bug or something I still miss?


    I thought that a pitch event with AMT=1 would create a chromatic transposition… but it seems I am wrong.. it seems quite unpredictable, at least for me. If I create for example a pitch event with AMT=1 with a pattern on C# I get the transpositions D D# E F G A C#… mmh.
    Could someone please enlighten me…


    Hello lebenspuls,
    there was a similar question recently and it turned out that understanding the behaviour required a better grasp of attribute maps and factors. In short, events modify the PIT map factor for the track, and not the PIT offset directly.
    Hope that is a useful pointer.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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