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    rachel polanskis

    I have just upgraded to 161_08.

    Can someone explain please how to make Performance Preview work?

    I have selected my Page and started it running and pressed Edit twice (not double clicked!).
    It does not work whether I have the track running or not, or if I have a track selected or not.

    I think I am Page mode because the Page Mode LED is blinking. Is this what is meant by "Default
    Page Mode" in the Release Notes?

    Please tell me what I need to do to get Perf Preview working! I think I am missing something else
    other that ‘go to Page Mode, press Edit Twice".




    and BTW can somebody explain what’s a berlin school performance ?




    Ok now that I have answers on the "what", "when", "where" could somebody give me the "how" Berlin School relates to:

    Preview Perform
    A new operating mode introduced in Page mode, Preview Perform is
    very similar to EDIT mode but does not send MIDI notes like in
    EDIT mode, allowing for “Berlin School” type performance.
    From the default page mode, engage Preview Perform by pressing the
    EDIT button twice (again, "twice", and not double-click!).

    I fail to see the beauty of this mode…

    I won’t ask for the "why".



    john Kimble

    It’s good because normally in preview edit mode, you hear bunch of "garbage" notes sent out as you tweak parameters of a step or track, so it’s not really good for live performance.

    I’m not sure the reference to "berlin school", but I think it’s referring to the technique of transposing whole tracks in realtime during performance.



    Gabriel Seher

    Yes, this is about transposing sequences (tracks) and partially steps in realtime during performance. The requester of the feature brought up the name, I guess to help explain his point and it stuck.. :-)


    rachel polanskis

    ……and now we have that out of the way – I still cannot get it to work!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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