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    Philip Clinckspoor

    Ok, back again with something quite peculiar. I’m reading the part of the manual about page repeats and page length. The page REPEAT function actually does what I would expect from the page LENGTH function

    This is the scenario: I have a first page with 4 chained tracks and I copied this page a few times, creating a 3-page cluster in the grid. When simply playing the cluster, only the first row of each page is played and then the sequencer moves on to the next page in the grid, so I get 3 times 16 steps. So I thought: this must have to do with the page length (quote the manual: "In short, the switch mechanism between or across pages relies on a variable that we term the "page length")

    When trying out the page length function, this seems to yield very erratic behaviour. Here’s what happens: when setting the page length to 4, according to the manual this should give a page play length of 4×16 steps (4 ‘cycles’), so I expect this to play the entire 4-track chain on the page and then move on to the next page in the cluster.

    So these page length cycles should always yield a multiple of 16 steps length. Apparently not. When setting the first page’s length value to 2, the sequencer plays the first row, then the 2 first steps of the second row, and then jumps to the next page in the cluster. 16+2, now that’s not a multiple of 16?

    Weird enough, it’s the page repeat function that gave me the behaviour I initially expected to get from page length. When I set the page repeat amount to the same value as there are chain members per page, the entire page plays through (64 steps) before the sequencer moves on to the next page.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Am I missing something here? I’m currently using the 1.60 OS because of a bug in the track copy function in OS 1.62

    john Kimble

    since no one replied, you probably are not double-clicking when selecting the page length (LEDs will be all red). You can select incremental values by clicking once (the LEDs will be green and red).


    Philip Clinckspoor

    ok now I got it. The thing I didn’t realize is that the page length augments by one step with every extra led (I assumed 16 steps were added per extra led). thanks for your reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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