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    Hi all,

    Just joined the forum. Proud to have just adopeded an octopus! And what a beauty it is! Apologise the my first post has such a foreboding title of doom, but I have been happily sequencing for the past couple of week and have along the way quite frequently crashed the system which requires a cold boot to revive. Unfortunately I have not been able to pin point the crash conditions allthough the amount of midi traffic is pretty low say a single 8 tracks (note/vel) and no cpu intensive mutipliers..I have had this happen about 10 times (more than my pc :huh: ).

    I accept that this may be some user error prehaps I inadvertantly lock myself out, but once this event occurs the octopus will freeze in its last operating state and will not respond.
    Has anybody experienced this kind of instability and any tips for diagnosis.

    Many thanks,


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    Are you running the 1.40 OS?
    What is feeding into the Midi In ports on the machine?
    What state is the Octopus in when it locks up? Grid/Page/Track?

    Are you using the USB Lamp?
    I bought a new lamp for mine and the machine goes out when I plug it in and turn it on. Haven’t figured that one out yet.



    Hi Wilson,
    I must say, this is rather uncommon from what we have seen so far.
    My questions would be the same as already asked by tonewrecker.
    Any detail you can give could be of great help.



    this sounds highly unusual… i’ve never had anything even slightly resembling a crash in 2 years since i got my octopus and i’ve got all sorts of stuff going on… perhaps there’s some sort of midi loop or something that’s been accidently created… or perhaps just try putting the os on again… otherwise i guess it must be some sort of hardware problem?



    Thanks all for your thoughts.

    I am running 1.40 although this is an assumption as I purchased just before musikmesse I guess fresh octo’s come with 1.40 ready. The midi input and output is handled by an xstation interface routing is configured such that a midi loop would not occur
    keyboard source is a moog LP. As I say it has caught me out mid flow and I have not been paying special attention to my exact orientation with regard to the exact source of the problem. I will keep a careful lookout and when it happens again I can identify whether it is human error (probable :blink: ) or otherwise. I honestly hope for the former.
    I’ll reread the manual…can’t hurt

    Many thanks


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    Check for a midiloop.
    That’s a common cause for freezes in midi gear.



    I have also an Octopus nearly from the beginning on and actually with OS 1.40. I had never such breakdowns / freezes and I think the reason could caused by a midi problem comes in from an external connected device or from a inadequate OS setup. Did you try to install the OS 1.40 new again? Perhaps that could help. Please read before the OS installation procedure carefully!



    Cheers Dayflight,

    I must admit I am scratching my head with this one. You are right it does seem like a midi loop of some kind. I set one up deliberately to compare it.
    However when I created this condition the effect was immediate. where as when I am hooked up how I need it I can be running for hours then Booof! It will crash when playing, but in any state i.e. grid, page/ no rec/ rec what ever no decernable pattern. Here is the logic of my midi:

    Octopus->out to Xstation->in
    xstation->in to USB (computer live with drum samples and softsynths)
    xstation->out to moog->in
    moog->out to octopus->in

    so the only path back to the octopus in the moog and this is a midiout not midithru

    I use the moog as the input for recording to the octopus which works fine
    I send drum midi from the octopus to live through the xstation via its internal midi to usb and the moog from the octopus to the xstation midi out to the moog.

    One option I suppose is to isolate the moog on the second octopus midi output midi, but I’d prefer otherwise if possible.

    Many thanks


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