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    Adam Wilson

    While awaiting delivery of my Octo B), and while reading the manual I came up with an idea for the OS. Maybe it’s in there aready and I missed it, maybe it’s really useful for you guys as well.


    I’m looking for an easy way to randomize the pitch used for a given step, out of a pool of available pitch values, in order to control the variations, and get this done with very little effort.

    For example, imagine I have this simple 3-step sequence running: C – E – G, etc. Now I want the second step to variate between E and F, nothing else, resulting in the possible sequences C – E – G or C – F – G.


    I came up with the idea of using the chord data stored in a step for this purpose. A step can hold up to 7 pitch values. Now what if the Octo would be able to randomly pick a pitch from the available set of notes, and only produce that single note instead of all of them?

    Based on the above idea, my random-from-pool idea would involve the following steps:

    1. Record the notes C, E+F and G for steps 1, 2 and 3 resp.
    2. Tell the track to output no more than 1 voice (this is the new feature).

    That should do it. Now if only one pitch value is stored in a step, the Octo can only select that single pitch, nothing new. However, if two or more pitches are available in the step, the Octo will randomly pick one. Super simple, very easy, and no effector tracks needed.

    To improve on the above, if we tell the track in step 2 above to output no more than N voices, and a step has more than N pitch values stored, the Octo will randomly pick up to N pitches out of the pool, and produce double voices or chords with controlled variation for that step. And still very easy to do.

    If this is not already available, I’d LOVE to work this way. :)


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