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    Syncing Nemo to Logic as a slave is fairly simple, but only seems to work well if i start the track from bar 1 in logic. If i start from a later bar Nemo will continue and not reset to step 1. Is this something to do with Nemo, Logic or both?

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    I believe this is a Logic thing as this happened also together with my MPC 2000XL.

    Somewhere in your Logic there should be a setting that solves this problem.

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    hmmm..post got lost when trying to upload a 9Mb file.

    to recap:

    The Nemo is getting 0xFB (continue) messages from logic if started elsewhere than 1111, as apposed to 0xFA (start) when started from 1111.This results in the Nemo not resetting to step 1 and thus running offbeat.

    Until i find an option in Logic to remedy this i’ve made a standalone in Max that sends 0xFA to Nemo when 0xFB is received.

    You can find it here

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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