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    Okay, with the inclusion of step phrases, there is now only one thing missing on my "ultimate sequencer wishlist", and while I do believe this is a bit of work, I think that most users would agree that this would be an incredible feature set, and also that we could work out something that would make sense with the existing interface (since we have a RMX button).

    I’m talking about the Remix functionality from the Reaktor ensemble Limelite (for some reason there are two ensembles called Limelite; not sure how to distinguish between them name-wise. I’m talking about the one included with Reaktor 5). I’ve included a screenshot.

    Basically, the Remix function instigates a non-linear progression of the track in question. Instead of playing the steps in forward order, it plays them in a preset non-linear order. The preset orders are defined so as to typically create good drum fills (i.e. foregoing some of the off-beat steps to repeat on-beat steps to create extra snare hits, etc.).

    In the included image, the right dial specifies the frequency of the remix function: every 2 bars, every 4, every 16 bars, etc. It then engages for the length of one bar at the specified frequency.

    The middle dial selects from one of the 99 remix patterns.

    The left button is for bypassing the set frequency of the remix activation for immediate engagement.

    It’s very effective in Limelite. You can write a one bar drum loop and with the remix function create some very nice variations of it very easily.

    If anyone was interested but didn’t have access to Reaktor I could record some audio samples. Also, if anyone was interested in implementing it, I could transcribe some of the Limelite remix patterns (I don’t have the technical expertise to be of much further use). I’m not sure about the morality of directly copying Limelite’s functionality – Reaktor is generally intended to be copyable, as it’s modular, and we are talking about software to hardware (rather than software to software), so it seems fine to me… Image99.gif


    Adam Wilson

    I remember a similar function from the Yamaha RS7000 sequencer I used to have. I think it was called Remix as well there.

    Definitely something to consider!

    Regarding the morality issue: copying the logic and patterns straight over from Reaktor is out of the question imo. Even when I suspect that the Reaktor version is based on the RS7000. ;)

    – Robert



    I get what you’re saying but they encourage you in the Reaktor manual to reverse engineer their patches. I’m going to track down the designer and see if I can get an okay from him on the patterns, because they work really well.



    Okay, I emailed one of the designers of Limelite and the CEO of NI. I’m hoping the spirit of collaboration will win over.



    Clavia NM and G2 both have pattern generators with probability which I, and everyone else that has one, use a lot.

    You have 32000 patterns with up to 128 steps length and step probability. the base patterns and the probability can be modulated at run time so you effectively have quite a few possibilities.

    just an idea…



    Great with some fresh input. I don´t know the stuff you are talking about, but the concept sounds good.

    It has triggered these thoughts (something else but related in spirit):
    We already have the remix function. So I am thinking, what if remix worked in a momentary way. Push and hold a knob and the page is "messed up". The moment you release the button, the page is returned its normal state. This would be extremely effective from GRID view where you could "play" the pages, making momentary alterations.

    Taking this a bit further, we could include midi note control over momentary remix (so we could "play" the alterations from any keyboard) as well as using a page to control momentary remix via virtual midi. (Now this controller page could also be remixed, hahaha).



    That’s what the remix "now" button does in limelite. You can automate to work every so often or turn it on immediately.



    doesn’t the custom track directions feature already sort of achieve this? If you come up with a series of decent ‘remix directions/templates’ that you use across your project you can write a simple pattern and have it play in a number of pre-defined directions… and used in combination with track chaining/track repeats you’d get similar (probably better) results – am i missing something here?

    maybe i’m misunderstanding the feature as it’s described, but to me it seems like a simpler, more random version of track direction functionality in the octopus… the only advantage being it’s a little quicker and random which can be both good or bad

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    Well, it’s sort of the track direction function, but with

    a) more patterns available

    b) the ability to have tracks jump from forward direction to another pattern with a single button push, and have them return to forward with the button release

    c) the ability to easily automate periodic activation of function b. I guess you might be able to do it with the effector or step events now, but it’s complicated, especially if the tracks you want to effect are across multiple pages.

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