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    Lars D. Terkelsen

    I have just discovered the grid live mode. I am having a blast "playing" drum pages with the "instant play" on.

    (Tip: Make a copy of your basic beat and switch between them for easy variations. Make two more copies, but make them double speed. Makes great fills for slower tempos.)

    However: This being an excellent live performance feature, there is one thing that is quite scary about it. If you go crazy with doing your live drum´n´bass kind of beats, you might end up clicking the same button twice, fast enough to be a double click. This suddenly takes you to page mode, and will rip you out of your musical flow instantly. Furthermore the page you go into will keep playing. Not so nice, if you were just firing a quick crazy fill, expecting to return to the basic beat right away. In other words a solid party-killer.

    So could we please kill the ability (in grid live mode) to go to a page via double click?

    Gabriel Seher

    Hi Lars, this sounds like a reasonable request indeed!
    Does anyone think differently about it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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