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    I’ve heard Autechre’s recent shows have been very good.


    softroom wrote:

    These guys might be checking their email for all the crowd knows or cares…

    That’s the exact phrase I used after seeing Kraftwerk in Milwaukee earlier this year. I’ll make an exception for them, however, because, well–they’re Kraftwerk. The historical context of the group along with an impressive video/light display and superior sound quality helped save the day. But, I would have loved to see them back when they actually played live instruments and used live hardware sequences. These other, newer groups/DJs that are just farting out pre-recorded samples are, with a few exceptions, exceedingly lame.

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    I really enjoyed seeing Kraftwerk also, but yeah it didn’t matter what they were actually doing as I stood in awe…

    I really wish I could have seen early front 242 concerts, the later years it’s a bit… weird, as they get middle-aged. Still love the music though.

    As I DJ also, I will never switch to laptop anything, it has to be vinyl/turntables… I do use final scratch, but I still change records between mixes for appearance.

    That is also part of the appeal of the GenoQs machines, it’s all about interface for me.



    Like Ripe said pre-production of n basic tracks and
    additional live playing and knob tweaking on top is a good way of performing and less risky like starting from Zero.

    I know Kraftwerk very well and saw several shows. They are all the same like playing a backgroud CD or Hard Disk of "Kraftwerk´s Best" plus sometimes one or two notes on top.

    But they are the master minds of the machine music produced 20/ 30 years ago:) in opposite to glamour rock, etc and they setting trends. :woohoo:


    Interesting thread. Still getting to grips with my Nemo. Mainly using it to control my modular atm. I’ve been doing Ableton audio-based live sets for a couple of years or so now, and I would like to move to a more sequence-oriented set. Possibly with the Nemo sequencing samplers/synths in Ableton as well as triggering clips, and possibly also an external synth or two. My main reason for using audio though is my sound relies a lot on modular sounds or heavily processed sounds and i would not want to lug all that stuff to clubs unless its a special gig.

    I can relate to the blur between live and djing with laptops – I use 3 midi controllers so I hardly have to touch the laptop during my set. But it would be wicked to be really constructing and editing sequences live.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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