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    Adam Wilson

    Hi all.


    As described on p.68 of the manual, the Octopus has two page switch modes, one quantized on the next bar (o’clock), and one immediate mode. I’m proposing a third mode here called ‘page’ that postpones the jump until the current page has completed its current page length cycle.


    Here’s an example: suppose you’re running page A in a bank that has been set to page length of 8 bars, and you select page B (from that same bank) to be played. Here’s what happens in all of the three page switch modes:

    1. ‘immediate’ switch mode: Page B is started immediately.

    2. ‘bar’ switch mode. Page A gets to complete the current bar of the master clock before page B is started exactly at the next bar.

    3. ‘page’ switch mode. Page A gets to complete its current page length cycle, which means that it will continue to play for a number of bars (depends on where it is in its cycle) before page B is started.


    Why is this new switch mode important? Imagine you have a page with a couple of tracks, one 8-bar track with a drum pattern, and some other tracks (of possibly different lengths). The drum track is the most important track and you don’t want it to be abrubtly broken off by a page switch. You want it to switch *musically* at all times, meaning that the drum track must allways be allowed to complete its cycle.

    To do that you set the page length to 8 bars (the length of the dominant track), and page switch mode to ‘page’. This guarantees that when selecting another page, our page A will always nicely do its thing.


    The associated color code for the master clock progress bar can be orange, and selecting this mode is just another press of the Tempo button as described in the manual, now cycling through three page switch modes:

    1. Immediate (green)
    2. Bar (red)
    3. Page (orange)

    Note how the quantize value increments with every press.

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    I won´t say much about this new mode other than it sounds like a useful and logic addition.

    But I have to comment on the way it is presented: That is a textbook example of how to comunicate the sometimes abstract and difficult stuff we talk about. Good to have you in the boat Robert:)

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    Adam Wilson

    Thank you!

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