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    (Copied from my reply to the thread in user exchange)

    I’d like this too. Ideally what I’d like to be able to do is specify exact values that each row (1-9) represents when I’m looking at the MCC map. It seems the way things are set up that it’s very difficult to get a value close to zero sent without reducing the CC scaling factor way down.

    The way things are set up right now, the numeric quadrant of the circle does nothing while you’re holding a button in rows 1-9 while looking at the MCC map. Could it be made such that if you hold a button in a particular row, you could then set a value in the numeric quadrant for all values set to that row to share?

    Example: I hold any of the row one buttons and enter a 1 in the numeric quadrant. I then hold any of the for 9 buttons and enter 127. I’m not sure if you’d still want to enable map factor scaling in this mode, or have this function be an "absolute MCC map" that bypasses the map factor setting. Either one would work for me. I can then have the precise values that I want, and I don’t think I could achieve this otherwise, because the map factor would either scale down the 127 or scale up the 1. Unless I’m missing something…

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