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    I noticed what a pain it is to select a lower octave for a note on the inner circle… specifically you have to select the lower C, then select it again to lower the octave, then select the original note you were trying to transpose.

    Selecting the high C is impossible, it just raises the octave, so you have to raise the octave and select the low C to get a high C… not friendly.

    I was thinking that maybe using the scale CAD and MOD buttons for octave up/down would be more intuitive? So in EDIT mode when you grab a step, the note value is displayed in the inner circle, and the MOD and CAD buttons blink orange, then you can transpose up and down octaves very quick and easy. I don’t think these buttons are used for anything else in this mode (?)

    Lars, I’m expecting some dissent ;-)



    Haha, so now I am the grumpy old man of this forum:evil:

    Actually I think you are absolutely right about the non-friendliness of "octave down". It would be a great deal less demanding on the brain to have the same ease of going down an octave as going up.

    I am on vacation now, so I can´t really look into solutions, but I can give you my moral supportB)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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