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    About the bug you mention above, Guillaume, there is a fix for it that will be part of the next OS release.

    What chaosmoon suggests just above would work in principle: the last sentence I am not fully clear about though: you mean the mutestate of the currently playing page of a cluster will have carried over to all pages in the cluster, and hence becomes the "master" for the cluster (rhyme not intended). That means you lose any mute configurations you may have in some pages, right?

    In principle this can be good or bad – you just have to make sure you arrange your material accordingly, or things out of your control will happen.. any other ideas?



    Yes, you will possibly lose some mute configurations in pages within a cluster, but i think its worth it for the benefits of having a mute master for clusters.

    Nothing else major for now. i’d like to suggest that empty pages automatically become active(but not playing) if you enter them from the grid. At the moment, if you exit a page without adding a step, they stay not activated. I think the fact that you entered an empty page means your most probably going to use it, so it might as well be activated (red led in grid).

    I also noticed that STA values less than 8(?) on the first step result in it not playing. I have no suggestions on how to solve this because of all the chaining and clustering possibilities (if its a straight 16 step sequence you could move the data to the 16th step), but was wondering if anyone had any bright ideas.

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    I was playing with GT mode to figure out how this could work, and i realized there are grid track and grid track live modes. :blush: I probably read this at some point but forgot about it.:)

    I was thinking there could be some kind of shift key to apply mutes across all clustered pages, and not pressing the shift key would apply the mutes the way it works now(or vice versa).

    I found that the mute/solo button toggles between 2 sets of mutes, but I could not figure out where that second set comes from, I tried to dig into the documentation and found nothing about it. Gabriel, could you expand on what it does?

    This said, I think the best way to attack this is to find a way to keep both behaviors, either using some kind of shift button to force applying mutes across all clustered pages, or adding another mode to grid track mode, identical to grid track live mode, but which applies mutes to all clustered pages. That mode could be represented by a red led on the edit button.

    What do you guys think of this?



    Carlos Dalla-Fiore

    I know you’ve probably got your hands full Gabriel, but have you had a look into the page muting when dealing with clusters from "grid-track live" mode?

    I still think irreversibly overriding all pages with the mute state of the currently playing page when entering GTL mode is a good idea.


    Carlos Dalla-Fiore

    Of course i mean all pages within the current playing cluster.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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