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Adam Wilson

I’m playing with the strum and step repeat feature right now (both way cool!), and I have a problem with the timing of the STA attribute when defining a strum level.

For example, to set up a strum level as a simple two-note 32th phrase, where two 32th notes are played in the place of a single 16th step, I cannot get the timing right of the second note. With a STA value of 9 the second note is early, with a STA value of 10 (red) the note is late. It sounds horrible, especially noticable when playing at low BPM (try 20 bpm). But I can also hear it at normal tempos.

I think this is because the Strum feature was originally not designed for this, and the strum timing scale, though dependant on global tempo, has no relation with note length.

If you guys have the same problem (and ignored it), I’m going to make this into a feature request.

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