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Basically I would like to tell a step how many times it should play in it’s allotted time. So if the value is of 2 the step should play twice during it’s standard step value… am I making sense?

If I’m working with 16th line and I need two 32nd notes in one step I don’t need to specify the whole line as 32nd notes (or resort to other tricks), just need set the note repeat to 2.

Wow, that would be fantastic! Great idea. Super with percussive sounds.

I haven´t looked into configuring of strum levels yet, but I have the feeling that what you are suggesting might be possible using custom strum levels (and strum set to step repeat). I will take a look at that. In any case, the strumming "engine" is doing something that comes very close. Perhaps we could just have something like a macro (shortcut) to get double, tripple and quadruple notes. So one could in a snap get the equivalent to going into step mode, selecting step chord, setting it to step repeat, turn on 2,3 or four notes and giving them the appropriate strum level.

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