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choice_of_meat wrote:

Default page pitch assignments

Is there a listing (RTFM! I know…) of the default pitch assignments for a page.

…first: i do not know… B)

…second: i doubt it, as you can sav the state of the machine to have it boot up with the current state, so every machine can be different…

…third: to fuel my crussade (not!)regarding workshops, videos and the wording of the manual – don’t you find the answer, or didn’t you bother to look?

…fourth: this time i am wrong – page 11 states clearly – so indeed: RTFM ;)

a particular pitch assignment for tracks 0-9 as follows: C3,
D3, E3, G3, A3, C5, D5, E5, G5, and A5.

…best wishes…