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Never used Logic myself for any projects, but I have two Kawai MAV-8 Midi Patchbays. Each one has 4 assignable inputs and 8 outputs. The beauty is each channel has a physical slider to set for the routing. No piles of hidden routing tabels. I run one Octopus output into one of them and then have all my drum modules and percussion sources available to trigger off those channels and the other Octopus midi out goes to the other MAV-8 which goes to the synth modules/effects/computer midi in (trigger softsynths, or cells in Ableton ala NI Battery). The Akai MPC, Computer midi out (through a MOTU 828 MK2) and a few other randoms get fed to the other inputs between the two.

I don’t think I’ve ever re-recorded the midi data pouring out of the Octopus. I just record all the audio that’s being created.