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Thanks for the reply. I tested out the legato this weekend and it is just a simple matter of clicking the note length to overlap with the next note. I don’t think it would be worth the trouble to implement it as a specific function (slide).

There are a couple of other wishes I would give high priority :-)

1. Step note entry should mirror the track parameter entry in PAGE mode, for example if I push (and hold) a step while in PAGE mode, the note PITCH should show up on the circle, right now there is no indication of the PITCH unless you zoom in on the step. Additionally, the other parameters could be displayed on the matrix, but that may intrude with playability.

2. This is similar to my other posted wish regarding step LEN entry, in PAGE mode it would be awesome to enter note length by pressing and holding a step and then pressing a second step (in the same row) to set the note length. Maybe this could work in conjunction with wish #1, where the length of a step would show up when you press and hold a step (instead of showing all the other step parameters in the matrix). But the length would be in 1/16th (steps) from from the current position of the step being modified.

maybe I should open a separate post for this.


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