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Adam Wilson

I definitely like the one-shot record suggestion. Great for live situations too. I also like the record-loop-overwrite mode.

The record trigger mode is the last one on my list atm, but I understand the need.

All great suggestions, but the list of record modes it getting a bit too long for me to remember, unless the color/blink coding helps me remember somehow. We would get:

1. record-loop-overdub.
2. record-loop-overwrite.
3. record-oneshot-overwrite.
4. record-oneshot-overdub (while we’re on it, heh).
5. record-oneshot-overwrite-trigger.
6. record-oneshot-overdub-trigger (while we’re on it, again).
7. etc.

This almost looks like loop/oneshot, and overdub/overwrite, and play/trigger could be preset modes, set somewhere else. That would just give you a single ‘record’ command again, lol. Otoh, I’d like the idea of having a couple of these variations available, quickly. Just not that many I guess. Would I be able to remember 5 different modes?