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1. record-loop-overdub.
2. record-loop-overwrite.
3. record-oneshot-overwrite.
4. record-oneshot-overdub (while we’re on it, heh).
5. record-oneshot-overwrite-trigger.
6. record-oneshot-overdub-trigger (while we’re on it, again).
7. etc.

The way I understand Ripe, #3 & 5 does not make sense to me. Are we not agreeing that the only thing that is overwritten is stuff that has been recorded earlier in the same take? So if you have "one-shot" there will be nothing to overwrite.
If you by "overwrite" mean that whatever is on the track when you begin the recording is erased, I dont see the point. For this you just use track CLR before record.

Regarding loop-overwrite:
What is it (exactly) that you want to accomplish.
I try to picture myself using it: Drum beat is playing, and I am recording a bass searching for the perfect bassline. So everytime I come to the end of the bar, I have to take a split second decision if that was the right take, because if I dont, it is being erased right away. No, sorry, I fail miserably at trying to picture a use for it.

The trigger modes: Well, I can see that they would have a function that is new, and as long as the mode would not complicate what we have, I won´t object, (but I would never use it.)