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Adam Wilson


Here’s one more idea to possibly cleanup the interface around chord pool and the random pick from pool concept.

What if we do not color code the note’s octave (1, 2 or 3) in the note LED, but instead show that information elsewhere (e.g. where BPM is shown) with the note button held down?

That would result in a 3-step note sequence:

1. On (LED green or orange for base note)
2. Rest (LED blinking green).
3. Off (LED off).

With the note button grabbed, use the main encoder to set the octave value to 1, 2 or 3.

Using your new chord-size approach, set the chord’s polyphony from 1-7, which adds rests when chord-size gets larger than note/rest-count (and these added rests show up in the circle).

The single monophonic switch you recently introduced is removed.

Yes, the price is that you no longer see the octave of the notes in the pitch circle. But it also leads to a cleaner interface, imo.