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Carlos Dalla-Fiore

i dont follow from here.

empirix wrote:

…first initial step is recognised on first sequence iteration for each instrument, 2nd sequence iteration -> instruments double up, so for example the kick and snare double up as the kick is led 1 on page1 and snare is led 1 on page 2, do you see my problem => what am i doing wrong.

thanx for your help<br /><br />Post edited by: empirix, at: 2010/09/07 01:16

your setting up whole the tracks in the page on the second row to different midi notes right?

for example:

row 1, page 1:

track 1 = C-1
track 2 = D-1
track 3 = E-1
track 4 = F-1

row 2, page 1:

track 1 = G-1
track 2 = A-1
track 3 = B-1
track 4 = C-2

your setting up the whole track right? Not just the first step in each track. I usually start by triggering all steps in a track then holding the track selector button to the left of the rows in page mode and turning PIT till i arrive at the desired instrument, which machine-guns. Then copy this track down and offset to the next instrument.