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Hi there,

Thanks for the response. Yesterday I wanted to prove the concept could work, so I set up the Octopus as a MIDI device in Reason 4 (master keyboard). I was hoping that I could just create a Thor synthesizer, program some notes, and have it start playing – just like it has done with my XS and Mopho.

But somehow the MIDI is not translating into note events into Reason, even though I see the Octopus is sending them.

Admittedly, I am just learning the unit – so I have limited work options to try to figure out a solution.

Ideally, my end state would look like this:

One to two pages on the octopus controlling different Redrum devices (for different drum sounds), and several other pages controlling various Synths in Reason. I think you can see the desire here? Bring my laptop and Octopus with me for live performance without having to lug my precious HW synths out with the until. I’m going for siimplicity.

I’m using an M-Audio Uno midi to USB from the Octopus to my MacBook Pro. FWIW, I can’t get Live to see the incoming MIDI from the Octopus either.

I must be missing something very basic – but I’m not a newbie at this either, so I thought I’d reach out to see if the community had done what I’m attempting as well.