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As it is now, it is 16 consecutive pages. It is easy to make the assumption, that this then means only 16 bars, but that is not at all the case.
First, each page can have its own number of repeats. Then, each page can contain longer structures (track chaining), such as e.g. a 16 bar chord sequence (8 tracks chained and set to half speed).

There has however been talk (search this forum) about how to elaborate on the page chaining (banks) of grid mode. My guess is that this area will be expanded at some point. The beauty of our little community here is that Gabriel ("gseher" in this forum) is all ears when it comes to making the Octo better and us happier. (Yes, he is the guy who makes the Octo OS.)


(basically the hardware "screen-less" alternative to a software midi editor)

Well, sort of, but horses for courses as they say. I would never write a string quartet on the octo. It would be possible, but the graphics of a software midi editor is w-a-y better for certain chores.

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