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Andrew Capon

Thanks for the reply.

Remix for me just creates totally random step patterns like described on page 39.

It doesn’t seem to do this:

Track remixes (RMX)

The track remix is used to generate variations of a track without al-
tering it too much. It does have some random elements which are in-
fuenced by the value indicated in AMT.

For every step in the track, a random step offset for VEL will be gen-
erated. The same applies to the LEN, STA and POS attributes.
The step offsets set will be shifted against the actual steps by a ran-
dom position for all of the attributes listed above.
Assuming you had all steps on, and two non-zero offsets on two adja-
cent steps, the RMX operation will move those offsets to a random
position in the track, such that two different adjacent steps will play
the respective offsets.

For instance if I set AMT to 0 and then press remix I would expect it to do nothing but what it does do is just generate a random note pattern altering nothing els.



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