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Let me start by saying…RTM…. ;)

If you go to page 98 it states the following, so there is no need to keep the Nemo turned on 24/7 :

Saving data to flash memory

Nemo can save its full state for later recall – all settings are stored to FLASH memory and automatically recalled upon power-on.

Note that only one state may be saved to FLASH, replacing any previously saved machine state.
Also note that in order to perform this
operation the sequencer has to be stopped.

W A R N I N G:
Please make sure that Nemo is not turned off or reset during the save operation!

Saving the machine state
To perform a save of the machine state go to Grid mode and press and hold the GRID button.
While you hold down the GRID key, the Program LED will start to flash red.
Pressing the Program key will start the save operation.
Expect the save operation to take about 5-10 seconds.