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Hi John,
the libc is standard and should be part of your gcc package if I recall correctly. Nothing specific you should have to do on that end.

Now, if you have an .elf file, there are a few things you need to do in order to send it over to Octopus. There is no direct .syx conversion – let’s leave that aside for now.

One way to send it over is described in a document you can download here:

Once you have that method under control, you may want to do it in a quicker way – as I do it during development.
This second method is by using gdb (arm-elf-gdb that is). See the .arm-elf-gdbinit file later on for details. In my environment I have set up a build routine in Eclipse so it’s just a key press away.To do it, remember that you need to have Redboot running, and only Redboot (no Octopus code), since this is your gdb stub on the Octopus.

Hope this helps.

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