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Adam Wilson

gseher wrote:

Well, maybe not that wild after all – this is sort of related to the way strumming works right now (check out the description in the manual).
Basically, strumming is modeled as an offset in the STA for the notes making up a chord on a step. But the offset model may be applied equally to STA, VEL or PIT.

Cool! So the per-note STA/VEL properties are already in the design? That means the playback engine already supports these, great.

So.. during realtime record, it would be easy to fill these per-note STA/VEL slots, instead of using only the single step STA property. That would transform a track into a 48 PPQN midi recorder. :) This would also reduce zipper noise for recorded CCs, I guess.

To clear these per-note STA/VEL offsets to get all notes play as a single chord, one could probably toy with the STRUM feature. Just guessing.

I didn’t have a look at the code yet, and probably will delay that until I have the hardware. And I have at least 2400 reasons to think really hard about getting the hardware… I’m still very interested though.

One of the other reasons is that I’d like the Octo to behave as both step sequencer and as a polyphonic midi recorder, as you find in DAWs. Looks like everything is there.

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