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Adam Wilson

lebenspuls wrote:

I can’t give a long-time-experience account but compared to all my other hardware the switches and potis of the Octopus are excellent. Both are metal, the switches are tightly embedded in the surface but reacting very tight. So you can glide over them without "feeling insecure". The potis have a quite strong raster which is convient for counting steps and are rock solid.
I am no engineer but I feel very secure and comfortabel with the hardware (it feels much better than my nord modular G2)

Thanks for this info. Looking good!

Nice G2 reference. I have a G2x sitting here, begging to be controlled from the Octopus. ;) I originally wanted to use the G2 for extensive sequencing, but I hit the roof (resource wise) when I tried to roll my own stuff, and the interface is not optimal. Using it as a complex sound source however, plus Octopus driving it… oh man. B)

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