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robert wrote:

And to continue on #1, the realtime recording topic, what would be the consequence of storing an offset to the step’s STA property in each of the notes stored in a single step?

Imagine each note has it’s own STA property, stored as an offset to the step’s STA property. Imagine this note property CANNOT be edited in any of the pages, and it’s zero per default. That’s how the Octo works right now I assume. Now imagine that the note’s STA property is only written during realtime recording. Would the playback engine be able to handle this?

The same can be done with other props of course, like VEL.

Just a wild thought. ;)

Well, maybe not that wild after all – this is sort of related to the way strumming works right now (check out the description in the manual).
Basically, strumming is modeled as an offset in the STA for the notes making up a chord on a step. But the offset model may be applied equally to STA, VEL or PIT.