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Adam Wilson

gseher wrote:

Good point.
In that case, the logical place for such a parameter seems still to be in the direction model i.m.o.

If the cursor movement (i.e. next step decision) is neatly tucked away in a separate piece of code, and the rest of the software is unaware of the 12 ticks/step and 192 ticks/track relationship, it should be relatively easy to implement the new step TIME property.

Note that imo step TIME and step LEN are two very different things. The first is the number of ticks the step takes before the cursor moves to the next step. Default TIME is 12 ticks, but could be anything (but > 0 I guess). Changing the TIME property can easily result in tracks having a total time not equal to the standard 192 ticks.

Step LEN is the step’s gate time, the time between note on and note off. It’s normally <= TIME. For staccato notes LEN is much shorter than TIME. To get the auto-legato mode on most synths, LEN should be set > TIME, as recently discussed elsewhere on this forum.

Problem with adding nice new basic properties is the UI. Since the front panel is so nicely dedicated to the original design of the firmware, how do you add stuff like this? Hardware with LCD interface simply add another page for added stuff. Tough…

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