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Just an FYI, I too encountered a similar error where as the SYSEX file finished transferring my LEDs were still lit and the Program was blinking purple/white (I have a black sea) and then just sitting there frozen. I attempted the update probably 10-12 times with different transfer settings, Sysex programs, etc. until I read through this thread.

I confirmed many times my OS level was 1.40. I took by the recommendation of those on this thread and used the special 1.42–>1.60 file and that upgraded just fine. I’m now back in business!

What the heck? Why wouldn’t my OS say 1.42 if that was the OS that I was on? Why did this file work when it EXPLICITLY said to do it from only 1.42? Note that this was the first OS upgrade I have had issues with, and I started with my Legacy at 0.92 I think; so I’ve done a lot of OS upgrades over the last couple of years, all perfect until now!

Wanted to share my experience with everyone else in case others had the same issue.


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