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matt hillier

ah , i think so , its kind of a roundabout way , i was thinking just more modulate the multiplier via a simple step event ir have the ability to alter the tracks multiplication per step or in use have it so a track say plays 4 steps at 16ths then next 4 at 32 and next 4 at 8ths etc and so on , using odd time signatures and you would get super jazz sequences.I think your feature can do this maybe ? i need to try the beta and see , its all about being able to modulate tempo division per track .What would be even more amazing is if you could unsync tracks from the main tempo counter and tweak each tracks tempo out of time with the others , for ambient and abstract work that would be incredible.I still hope to see zyklus ‘ play a sequence ‘ fucntionality also someday where nothing clocks until an external midi note message enters the octopus and then the sequences are ‘ played ‘ ‘ transposed ‘ etc in realtime by the player ( via their external midi keyboard)

gseher wrote:

Ability to modulate tempo multipliers?
This is what hypersteps in conjunction with LEN step events are all about.. (available in the current public beta and the just around the corner release 1.62).
Build a hyperstep and modify its length, then play with the LEN factor of the track the hyperstep is on. Is this what you were looking for?