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robert wrote:

Hi Rachel, welcome to the forum.

I’m using my Octo as a sync master, and feed the clock + midi into 2 AMT8 units. All my gear is connected to the AMT8s. Works great. No computer in the path, straight lines.

Of course, when I *do* what computer involvement I just start up the needed software and the AMT8 units switch to computer mode, such that all of the MIDI ports are made available to the software. (Don’t forget that you *can* switch the AMT8s back to standalone mode, even with software connected.)

The fact that Logic 8 cannot slave to midi clock sucks big time. Logic has always been the better slaving DAW of them all imo. Hope they fix this flaw soon.

Octopus and a bunch of vintage synths… wow. :)

How do you use the AMT with the Octopus to map the correct Port & MIDI Channel? Do you have all your instruments attached to different Ports on the AMT
but with different MIDI channels? Do then attach both pairs of MIDI ports of the Octopus to the 2 AMT’s?

I had a look in the AMT/Unitor control
panel and I can see the MIDI filter, but it is not clear how to map?

In Logic, I foresee just using
the Channel splitter and route to any Instrument
I’ve created a track for and Octopus will drive it
just fine. I use a lot of MIDI clock. I use the various arpeggiators and sequencers I have to synch
together with the computer as master and then layer things.

I intend to take the same approach with
Octopus except it will be the master sequencer
and use Logic to capture the MIDI events and audio.

I am really looking forward to getting this. It
is certainly going to change the way I create music!